Discover Feminine Healing  through Instinctive Meditation Practices

Journey towards self-discovery and healing with modern meditation practices, including standard meditation, conscious movement meditation, and ecstatic dance meditation. 

What is Ecstatic Dance? 

Ecstatic Dance is a somatic practice that enables unrestricted dance movements, allowing individuals to connect with their bodies and liberate their spirits. In my class, we embrace this approach by communicating through free-flowing movement guided by our inner wisdom.

Why is Ecstatic Dance crucial for women today?

Our society often restricts physical expression due to sedentary jobs, leading to suppressed emotions and potential health issues. This unique form of Somatic Dance Therapy offers Liberation and Freedom, transcending the limitations of traditional gym workouts focused on external appearances rather than internal wellbeing. 

My classes offer an intimate exploration of self through improvisional movement guided by inner wisdom rather than predetermined instructions. This approach fosters deep introspection and empowerment while nurturing each individual's spiritual growth. 

I look forward to assisting you on your journey to freedom, individuality and complete alignment.  

One on one meditation healing sessions are available along with group sessions, in person and online.

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About me

My name is Sandy Flores, I am the owner of Syzygy Meditation and Healing, located in Murrieta, CA. I am a certified Instinctive Meditation Instructor, Ecstatic Dance Instructor, and Women's Retreat Facilitator.  I received my 500 hour certification training from the Radiance Sutras School of Meditation. 

Empowering women and guiding them toweards their innate healing capabilities is my passion. I embarked on my personal spiritual journey nearly 10 years ago, discovering the transformative power of meditation and connecting with my ancestral Native American and Aztec heritage through ancient practices. I am honored to share my knowledge and the gifts that my ancestors have bestowed upon me with others, enabling them to embrace the beauty way. 

My goal is to assist in the awakening of the Divine Goddess consciousness across the globe. I invite you to connect to your senses and back to your primordial roots, as you walk the path of your authentic self, the way in which Nature created you. We are all connected, there is no separation. We breath, live, and love as One. My love language is reminding you of your Power, and it's time to take your Power back.

Along with my many spiritual services, I also perform Ancestral Cacao Ceremonies, and sell an assortment of metaphysical tools from my mystical boutique that can assist you on your healing journey. 

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